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Plan for Tourism in Granada Granada

Thanks to the Plan, Granada has 9,615,000 euro, received from the Regional Government of Andalucía (60%) and the City Council (40%) that will be invested during the period 2006-2011. This amount will be aimed to different actions on infraestructures in the districts of Albaicín, Realejo, Sacromonte, the Old City and the Alhambra and Generalife Monument Complex.  

Among its aims as cultural product, it is established to act on the decentralization of the tourist visits, the increase and extend the visitors’ stays, the development of new national and international markets and the diversification of the cultural resources which are currently underemployed.  

The Plan will also act on the area of the Conference Tourism, focusing on the increase of the number of hosted events in the city as well as the expenditure by the means of additional activities. 

The Plan will support the initiatives aimed to the development of Commerce in order to strengthen the local craftwork industry, to establish chains of commercialization and develop shopping as a reason for visiting.  

Accommodation and restaurant industries will be favoured with the qualification of its offer through the implementation of improvement quality systems, the recovery of the local gastronomy, mudejar and training of its employees. Special atention will be payed to the information, with signposting and new points of arrival. In the same way There will be actions related to the town-planning reclassification and transport connection with the old town.  

Sensitivensess, training, citizen security and complaint management will be other issues to act on, along with the creation of an Inter-department Commission for Tourism.  

There is no doubt that the effort made by the implementation of this Plan for the Diversification and Requalification of Tourist Resorts is a strong boost for the sustainable development of our city benefiting both tourists and citizens.

Actions already approved :
- Docks for hop-on and off tourist buses at the entrance points of the old town.
- Integral action for renovation of the Alcaicería. 
- Contest of ideas for the Monument to the Traveller of the City of Granada. See all the information here (in Spanish).